Mar 032016

healthybreakfastBreakfast IS the most important meal

Experts agree that skipping breakfast means you will be hungrier and have a tendency to eat more empty calories throughout the day.

Everyone’s heard that the first meal of the day is the most important meal of the day. But did you know that researchers have now discovered that skipping breakfast not only leads to obesity and decreased mental sharpness, but people who do not eat in the morning also have higher tendencies for unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and not exercising. When you skip breakfast you are more likely to snack on sugary foods mid morning to increase your energy level, but that only leaves you feeling hungry and tired a few hours later.

Studies show it is best to eat within one hour of waking up. Make sure your morning meal consists of whole grains, such as cereal or oatmeal, fruit, which is high in fiber and eggs, which are high in protein.  A balanced breakfast will get your metabolism started, give you energy for the day, leave you feeling full & satisfied for hours and actually help you lose weight. Avoid sugary cereals, pastries, doughnuts and muffins in the morning because they will leave you unsatisfied and feeling hungry sooner. Always start the day off right with a healthy breakfast!

Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!

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