Jul 112014

by: Carol Dunlop

Think Positive with 2 simple exercises

think positiveHere are two exercises to help you think positive more often.

1. Collect Smiles 

Yes, you read that right, collect smiles!

I must admit, I love my little notebooks which is why my techniques always involve them, however, they do work!

  • Buy a notebook, pocket-sized.
  • Label it my “Smile Collection Book.”
  • On the first page, write: Smile Quota___ plus the following day’s date. Next to smile quota, write the amount of smiles you are challenging yourself to receive. I started at 5, nice and easy and I attained that amount within 2 hours! Not easy these days!!
  • This is the most fun part of this particular positive thinking exercise. The next day, go out and search for those smiles. Do whatever you can to get the smiles, and either as you get them or later, jot them down. Write, where, who and how nice the smile was, rate it too if you want!
  • You won’t believe how much pleasure you get from sitting there before bed, recalling the smiles you got. That’s why I love this exercise for positive thinking. Imagine 1 year down the road, reading through your smile book, recalling all those small moments of happiness that we normally overlook.

Challenge yourself by raising the quota by one each day. Wow, you will end up with a lot of smiles! Where’s the bad in that? Exactly!It’s time to start seeing these things again, and enjoying them as they happen.

2. The Happiness Hunt!

This exercise for positive thinking involves purposely seeking out and recording the positive aspects of your day.

  • Again, you’ll need a small pocket-sized notebook (Yes, I do have about 20!) and in this one write: “The good things that happened to me today.”
  • Each day, go out and seek out the positive things you see around you. If someone holds a door open for you, mentally make a note of it, so you can record it later. We do the opposite so easily don’t we? Can’t we seek out the positive instead?
  • You can challenge yourself each day by beating the previous day’s amount of happy events, or you can just record as many as you want.

These 2 exercises for positive thinking are wonderful because when I sit down at the end of my day and recall both the smiles and the positive events, I feel great! The images of the smiles and the happy times flood my mind leaving no room for anything else. Needless to say, I sleep like a log.However, if you don’t do these positive thinking exercises daily then be assured that you are either going to just stop after a few days, perhaps a week or the effect is not going to be significant enough for you to become full-time positive. Tip those scales back in favor of positivity, happiness, joy, any of those are better than a mind constantly switching back and forth between negativity and positivity.

Don’t think about it, just do it. Your mind will try to dissuade you from doing these exercises for positive thinking and that would be your habitual mind, the one that is used to being mediocre or negative. Therefore, just go out and buy the books, and do it. Then after 2 days you’ll notice that you wake up feeling great and looking forward to the challenge of beating yesterday’s positivity quota!

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Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!