Apr 292014

candyby: Diane Catrambone, MIT Coach

Making appetite control real. Yes! It is time to say goodbye to all the useless appetite-controlling pills and all the failed attempts at using willpower to defeat the dreaded appetite enemy. If I could figure out a way to make people CONTROL their appetites, I’d be rich, living on an island somewhere and eating off the marvelous abundance of the land.

It’s time to raise your awareness. It’s time to talk the real talk. Every expert on the planet will continue to write books and suck you in to the newest propaganda. Here’s what we know for sure. WE don’t KNOW anything. It’s up to you. It’s always been up to you. I’ve got some hints here on making it real for you to use, if you choose.

Appetite Control, it’s up to you.

Your Mind is Not Always Your Friend

It seems that we really worship the head. We live in it, we exalt it, and it’s always turned on and entertaining itself with an endless supply of inane thoughts. Okay, I agree, the brain is a really cool organ. But if we pitch our tent there and inhabit it long-term, the body suffers. More to the point, the more we eat with our head the less input we have from the brilliance of the body. What’s real is that it’s not your mouth that hungers for food. Your body requires food. It’s not the mouth that tells you when you’re full. Your body gives you signals that are real, if you are paying attention. Notice its sensations, feel its fullness, talk to its emptiness. When you eat, eat with all of you. Eat with every cell. Get out of your head. Stop fantasizing. Slow down your mind chatter. Notice what you’re eating. Taste it. Enjoy it. Get real with this food that is nourishing you, assisting the body to continue to thrive.

What are you REALly Hungry For?

Let’s be honest for a moment. Do you really eat when you eat? Are you present? Are you there? Are you enjoying the heck out of the food you claim to really love? If you really truly love food, suck the life out of it. Get what you want. Pleasure yourself. Indulge. One of the reasons we consistently overeat is because we don’t get what we want in the 1st place. At the most primitive level of the central nervous system we are programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. If we don’t get the pleasure that we seek from food – even when were eating it – the urge of the primitive brain remains unfulfilled and our physiology literally compels us to eat more. The more that you get what you want, the less needy you’ll be. When we reward ourselves with the pleasure of food the body rewards us with a satisfied appetite. Stop holding back.

You Look and Sound Silly when you Fight for Control

spinach saladOne of the reasons that it’s so difficult to control our appetite is because it cannot be controlled. This is NOT a battle people. In fact, appetite is present to help our bodies regulate, it reminds us that we’re mortal, and that we need to eat. So the wisdom of the universe has been very kind and gifted us with the beautiful urge to eat. Imagine if you called a cease-fire and no longer looked upon appetite as your enemy. Imagine if you didn’t battle with the inborn urge to munch. You’d be free. You’d be happy. Your appetite would finally come out to play, it would naturally self regulate, and the war would be over. It’s time to wave the white flag.

Maybe you’re looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?

Sometimes overeating and an unregulated appetite are pointing to a deeper hunger that lives somewhere else. If you find yourself a little too ravenous for food, then ask yourself “What am I really hungry for?” Maybe its love, maybe its intimacy, connection, conversation. All of those things are real needs and desires and too many of us are going through this life without have real, honest connection through love and intimacy. And so, we fill the void and baby, you’re not going to find real love in the refrigerator. Fulfill your appetite for love, joy, friendship and community. Food may just have to take a back seat because you are so filled up!

veggies-and-herbsGet Over Yourself

A lot of us eat because were bored. We don’t have anything to do that’s really worth doing. Or so we think. So we focus on ourselves, and that in itself can be pretty boring. So we eat, because food can be fulfilling for a very short period of time. Then what? So, I leave you with some questions because I’m a coach and that is what I do!

How is the world calling out to you?

How can you feed the world instead of yourself?

What’s your gift and why are you leaving it on the table?

So, be careful out there but get out there!

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