Jun 192014

ricotta cheese pieRicotta Cheese Pie or Italian Easter Pie

Ricotta Cheese Pie Crust

For the crust: The crust to this pie is not like regular pie crust at all. It is more cakeier tasting and the only way I have ever eaten it. It is easy to work with though. I may try it with my regular crust sometime, but I enjoy the traditional way.

Beat:  3 eggs well beaten
Add:  6 TBL. Melted Shortening (cooled). We always used the yellow spry/ I guess you can use butter. I never tried it with butter.
Add:  5 TBL sugar. Beat well after each addition
Add:  1 teaspoon vanilla
Add: ½ teaspoon of Baking Powder
Add: 2-2 ¼ cups flour gradually

Flour Board & roll dough into a ball. If more flour is needed-add-Dough should be easy to handle. (save some dough for strips across the pie after filling.) Roll out thin and place into greased pie plate. You can fill a 10 inch pie plate with the filling.

Ricotta Cheese Pie Filling

5 Eggs, beat well
5 TBL sugar
1 pound-Rigotta Cheese
1 TBL vanilla-(my aunt said you can add some juice of an orange and the grated rind instead of the vanilla, or some people add a little cinnamon. I just followed her original recipe because I did not know that until she came for dinner. I will try the next time, but I’d add to it and keep the vanilla anyway.)

Pour into crust, cut remaining dough into 6 strips. Lay down on filling across pie as you saw in the picture, 3 up, 3 across.

Bake at 325 degrees for 1 hour or until done, barely shaking in the middle. It will cook some when it comes out.


From the kitchen of Dee Rogevich
Women In Motion