Dec 042014

Exercise Frequency or Intensity – What the Exerts Recommend

Exercise Frequency or IntensityWhen you are short on time is exercise frequency or intensity more important? Now that it is the holiday and if you are like me the time is just flying by; I already feel crunched for time.  Here is some good news. Experts agree that for the average person frequency of exercise is just as beneficial as length of time for exercising. For example 5 – 30 minute workouts are just as good as 2 – 75 minute workouts in one week. So on a daily basis when you are crunched for time the same is true; do 3 – 10 minutes cardio sessions instead of 1 half hour. It is a lot easier to find a free 10 minutes than it is 30 minutes. Check out this great mini cardio circuit – it takes about 5 minutes and the average person will burn approximately 60 to 80 calories. All you need is a flight of steps.

Studies also show that more frequent, shorter workouts tend to put less stress on your body than longer, more intense workouts. In addition, waiting longer between workout sessions may make it more difficult to stay in the ‘exercise groove.’  Continuous exercise throughout the week will keep your body more energized and you more motivated; not to mention the American Heart Association recommends exercising 5 to 6 days per week. Remember exercise is a great stress reliever.

Be Fit!  Be Healthy!  Be Happy!

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