Jan 022016

New Year’s Resolution Solutions to Stay on track and finally achieve your weight loss goal

New Year’s Resolution Solutions #1: Logging or journaling
Logging or journaling is a great way to see your progression and to chart your success. Think about it as the starting point of data, nothing to be embarrassed about it, it is what it is and it is going to improve. Good things to log include; weight, body fat, BMI, body measurements, how many push ups and crunches you can do in 1 minute, how long it takes to walk/run 1 mile.

New Year’s Resolution Solutions #2: Exercise 1st thing in the morning
If you wait you have more time to find excuses not to workout.

wall stretching

New Year’s Resolution Solutions #3: Vary your workouts
Incorporate Strength Training, Cardio and Flexibility into your workout routine.


New Year’s Resolution Solutions #4: Accept what you can’t change
But always strive to improve what you can – things like; body composition, muscle strength, cardio endurance, eating habits and stress.

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New Year’s Resolution Solutions #5: Tell your friends
Tell your friends about your fitness goals for the New Year. Ask for their support – you may be amazed at the help you get. It is also a great idea to have an exercise buddy, just make sure you focus on the exercise part and not just the socialization.

exercise outside

New Year’s Resolution Solutions #6: Schedule your workouts
Schedule your exercise in your day planner or calendar. Make it non negotiable just like an important meeting or event.

day planner

New Year’s Resolution Solutions #7: Weekly weigh ins
Get on the scale only once per week & pick a pair of jeans or pants that are too small (no more than 1 size too small) as ‘goal’ jeans. Your body weight can fluctuate as much as 5 to 8 pounds; that’s why weighing in once per week keeps you on track and motivated.  It is important to remember that when you begin a strength training program you will be building muscle mass. 1 pound of muscle takes up a lot less space than 1 pound of fat; that is the reason I encourage everyone to pick a pair of jeans that are too small or a little too snug. Even though your body is getting smaller and the jeans are fitting better the scale may not be moving as fast as you would like.


New Year’s Resolution Solutions #8: Remember – it is OK to slip up
We all have slip ups, it is what you do afterwards that is important. If you did not exercise for while or ate an entire box of chips or cookies or carton of ice cream – FORGET about it, move on and get back on track!

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Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!