Jan 192015

Our Exercise of the Week is a Row


Perform the exercise of the week with a Bosu and a Tube and you will be challenging you back and core with 1 exercise. No Bosu, no worries simply do the row in a standing 1/4 squat position.

Follow these ‘how to’ steps to get the most benefit out of this exercise of the week!
– Sit on Bosu in front of tube/band with feet hips distance apart on floor, back straight, chest lifted & abdominals tight, lean back about 20 degrees
– Hold tube/band with palms facing each other, arms extended & elbows soft
– Exhale & pull tube/band toward body using back muscles keeping elbows close to the body & pointing back, pinch shoulder blades together at end of move
– Extend arms forward to return to starting position
– Continue until all reps are complete

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Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!