Feb 052015

Great Question about Exercise Equipment

exercise bandExercise equipment question from a new member who is just starting to workout at home, “If I’m just starting to exercise is there a “beginners” list of exercise equipment I should have or should I just buy a machine of some kind and/or a treadmill or stationary bike”

First, if you are just beginning an exercise program check with your Doctor and make sure you are healthy enough to exercise. To answer your question, exercise can be broken down into 3 components; resistance/strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility training.  For each of the 3 components you can use a variety of exercise equipment. At the beginner level for resistance training; a couple of light weight dumbbells and a light or medium resistance exercise band will give you a lot of exercise options.  But don’t wait to go shopping common household items make great exercise equipment; you can use soup cans, water bottles or milk jugs in place of dumbbells or a phone book or other heavy book as a weight plate.  Remember body weight exercises; such as, squats, crunches or push ups, require no exercise equipment at all. For cardio training having a treadmill or stationary bike is fantastic. But you can also jump rope, run up and down steps or get outside and walk, jog or run. As far as flexibility training a yoga mat is great or just lie on the floor or use a towel. The most important thing is that you get started with your exercise program, you can always add exercise equipment.

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