Jul 202012

RPE Scale – stands for Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale

The easiest way to determine exercise intensity is to the use the Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale (RPE).  RPE is a 1 to 10 scale that is based on how difficult it is to speak.  Follow the below guides lines and listen to your body when you workout.  No equipment necessary and you can use the RPE Scale with cardio and strength training.

RPE 1-2      Very easy – you can converse w/ no effort
RPE 3        Easy – you can converse w/ almost no effort
RPE 4        Moderately easy – you can converse comfortably
RPE 5        Moderate – conversation requires some effort
RPE 6        Moderately hard – conversation requires a lot of effort
RPE 7        Difficult – conversation is challenging
RPE 8        Very difficult – conversation is very difficult
RPE 9-10    Maximum effort – basically no talking

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