Apr 012013

PLU code applesDid you know those annoying little stickers on the fresh produce that you purchase in your local grocery store are called PLU codes. It stands for Price Look Up code. If you know what to look for, those numbers can tell you a whole lot more about the fruit or vegetable than just the price. In fact, by simply reading the PLU codes, you can tell if the fruit or vegetable was genetically modified, organically grown or produced with chemical fertilizers, fungicides or herbicides. Here is what to look for; if there are four numbers in the PLU, this means that the produce was grown conventionally or ‘traditionally’ with the use of pesticides. If the PLU contains five digits and starts with the number 8, that item is a genetically modified fruit or vegetable. If there are five numbers and the PLU starts with a 9, this tells you that the produce was grown organically and was not genetically modified. The next time you are in the produce section take a minute to look at the PLU code on your fresh fruit and vegetables so you know exactly what you are about to purchase. For more information, nutritional statistics, purchasing and storing tips on fresh fruits and vegetables check out these 2 links: Fruit Facts & Helpful Tips and Veggie Facts & Helpful Hints

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Mar 212013
Portion Distortion – How Much are you Really Eating?

It is no secret; if we eat more calories then we burn off we will gain weight, if we eat less – we lose weight! It is all about the portions and serving sizes or as I like to say the “Portion Distortion!” You can ‘Super Size’ just about everything today. Here are some scary […]

Feb 252013
Cardiovascular Training

When it comes to exercise; you can achieve the best results and become a fit and healthy you, when you incorporate the 3 exercise components into your fitness routine; resistance training, aerobic or cardiovascular exercise and flexibility or stretching.  Of the 3 components, cardio is the most common, especially among women.  But whether you are […]

Feb 042013
A Heart Healthy Valentine

February is all about having a Heart. Nearly 50 years ago February was designated “American Heart Month” by an act of Congress; while over 1,700 years ago, so the story goes, the kindly Bishop Valentine defied the then Roman Emperor’s ban on marriage and was martyred on February 14th around 270 A.D. thus giving birth […]

Jan 242013
Great Fitness Question! Tips to Select the Appropriate Weight

“How does the weight I’m lifting translate for different equipment and exercises?”  For example barbells, dumbbells and cables?” Hi Richard – Great Question!  Thanks for sending it in!  Next time you workout use these tips to determine your weight! 1.  A good rule of thumb is to double the weight of your dumbbells when switching […]

Dec 022012
Top 10 Ways to Avoid Overeating This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here and it is truly a wonderful time of year with family and friends. However, it can be challenging to keep up with our normal routines, it seems like there are more and more gatherings, get togethers and events with more and more food, tasty treats and libations. Top that off […]

Nov 192012
Thanksgiving and Calories

Happy Thanksgiving!  The holidays are such a great time of year! As cliche as it sounds, I am truly thankful for my family and those special friends that are just like family! I have to laugh because the recurring theme in the gym seems to be – I need to work really hard so I […]

Nov 072012
Great Question!

I got asked a really interesting question yesterday and wanted to share it with you. “What’s the most important thing for me to remember when I’m working out?” Initially, a hundred things went through my head – but the more I thought about it the answer became clear – Keep your body aligned in a […]

Oct 252012
When Should I Do Cardio?

Great questions send in by one of our members, Anne! “Hi Tanya! I have a goal to lose weight and am following your strength training program 2 times a week – for maximum benefit, when should I do cardio? Love your site, BTW! Thanks, Anne from Minneaplis” Anne -Good for you for working on losing […]