Dec 212014

Static Lunges w/ a Barbell!

Work your legs, glutes and even your core by performing static lunges like this! Simply follow these directions from Certified Personal Trainer, Tanya Stroh.

– Hold barbell in left hand
– Step your left foot forward keeping both feet hips distance apart, raise right heel so you are balanced on the ball of your right foot
– Bend both knees to lower body down as far as possible or until right knee is close to but not touching the floor
– Keep left knee directly over left ankle, back straight, chin up & abdominals tight: your right knee, hip & shoulder should be in a straight line
– Exhale & extend both knees up to return to starting position
– Continue until all reps are complete
– Switch barbell to right hand & step forward with right foot, complete same number of reps

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Feb 152014
bathing suit backProne Leg Extension
on stability ball

Using the stability ball makes you work twice as hard doing this exercise.  This is an advanced exercise and not recommended for anyone with low back issues.  Make it easier by liftin456 - pronelegextension w SBg your legs 1 at a time and alternating sides.  Remember to keep your abs tight and exhale when you lift your legs!  Be sure to use good exercise technique. CLICK HERE to view the proper form!

Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy! Tanya

May 272013

low absToe Taps

Toe Taps are a great way to work those hard to target lower abdominal muscles. When performing this exercise it is essential that you keep your low back flat and focus on using your lower ab muscles and not your hip flexors. Toe Taps along with another lower ab toner can be 399 - Toe Tapsfound in the “Time-Saving Circuit” on Day #5 of the 6 Week Shape UP Challenge. Make these more challenging by increasing your range of motion; simply lie on a bench or step instead of on the floor. Always use good form CLICK HERE for all the details!


Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!  ~ Tanya

Feb 212013

Row on a Bosu

Did you know that the word BOSU is an acronym that stands for ‘BOth Sides Up!’ As you can see in this exercise we are using the flat side which is a great way to really challenge your core muscles. Performing a bent over Row works your core even 132 - Row on Bosuharder because of the position of your body! The next time you workout – grab a BOSU and change up your back exercise to this Row! If you are new to exercise be sure you can perform the Row correctly on the floor first, then on the round side of the BOSU and finally on the flat side! CLICK HERE for all the details!


Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!  ~ Tanya

Feb 022013

Plank Position Leg Lifts

Planks when performed correctly are amazingly challenging and are not on most peoples favorite exercise to do list (mine included!) They do however, target, tone and literally sculpt your entire core! Be sure you can perform the standard plank 451 - Plank Leg Liftsusing good form before adding the leg lifts. If you are an advanced exerciser; make these more challenging by lifting 1 leg off the floor for 10 seconds, then the opposite leg for 10 seconds; repeat 3 times! CLICK HERE for all the details!


Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!  ~ Tanya

Jul 072012


Holding the Plank position with the proper form challenges your entire torso and core area including your abdominal muscles. Make it more challenging by adding 5 to 10 alternating slow, controlled leg lifts (lift leg up to hip height only.) Be sure to keep you abs contracts and your shoulders directly over your elbows! CLICK HERE for all the details!

Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!  ~ Tanya