Oct 252012

Great questions send in by one of our members, Anne!

“Hi Tanya! I have a goal to lose weight and am following your strength training program 2 times a week – for maximum benefit, when should I do cardio? Love your site, BTW! Thanks, Anne from Minneaplis”

Anne -Good for you for working on losing weight! Strength/resistance training 2 times per week is perfect – in order to really achieve your goal you need to include cardio workouts as well – 5 to 6 times per week, 30 minutes to 1 hour is optimal – that may sound like a lot but the more you do the better. Here is a great way to get your cardio in during a strength training day; incorporate cardio intervals during your workout. In between each exercise – jump rope, do jumping jacks, run, run up and down the steps or do any other high intensity cardio that you like for :30 to 2:00. Then 3 or 4 other days per week pick a cardio activity that you like and shoot for an hour. Remember to change up what you do and keep it fun! Good luck with your goal and let me know how you’re doing!!

If your goal is weight loss like; remember:
• 2 to 3 full body strength training workouts per week (non consecutive days)
• 1 to 3 sets of each exercise
• 12 to 20 reps of each exercise
• Use moderately heavy weight w/ light to moderate intensity
• Make sure to rest for :15 to :30 between sets (if you’re not doing cardio intervals)
• Incorporate cardio 5 or 6 days per week for 30:00 to 1 hour

Thanks for the great question! Send more!

Be Fit! Be Healthy! Be Happy! ~ Tanya

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May 232012

In an hour show there is approximately 12 minutes of commercial time.  In a 2 hour program there is almost a half an hour.  Instead of grabbing a snack, do this and you’ll add an extra 15 minutes or even a half hour of cardio to your day!

Since commercials are usually 15 seconds or 30 seconds in duration – switch exercises every time the commercial changes!  Rotate through the following exercises during commercial breaks!


Jumping Jacks
Standard Crunches
Jumping Jacks
Push ups (make them easier by placing your hands on the sofa or a chair)
Jumping Jacks
Standard Crunches
Jumping Jacks

To make it a little less intense, instead of Jumping Jacks; march in place or if you have a step or stair case close by do Step Ups!  Remember to always listen to you body and take a rest when ever you need it!

Be Fit! Be Healthy! Be Happy!   ~ Tanya