Nov 102012

Step Ups:

Step Ups are great because they are so versatile, when you add them into your strength training routine you are not only upping the intensity but also burning a ton of calories! If you don’t have an exercise step use the bottom step on a flight of 340 - Step Upsstairs or bleachers, a curb or even a park bench! Remember the higher the step the more challenging the exercise! To really increase your calorie burn add 10 to 20 Step Ups per foot, 3 to 5 times during your next workout! Even with Steps Ups form is important CLICK HERE for all the details!

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Aug 312012

A typical 119-tri dipsworkout or exercise session is usually about an hour long. As much as you hate to admit it, try as you will, there are days when you just don’t have an hour to devote to exercising. But instead of skipping your workout all together incorporate a circuit. It will not only shorten the length of your workout but also increase the intensity for the maximum benefit in the least amount of time.

Circuit training is a fast paced exercise routine that can be performed a couple of different ways. For resistance training the most common way is to complete 1 set of each exercise in your routine without stopping then take a short break of 2 to 3 minutes and repeat the circuit as time allows. You might even get in the same number of sets you normally perform. Another way to use circuit training as a time saver is to combine cardiovascular training and strength training. To accomplish this include 1 minute of a cardio activity such as jump rope, jumping jacks or steps ups in between each exercise in your fitness routine without a break. When you have completed all the exercises take a short break and repeat once or even twice if time permits. Circuit training is a great way to shorten your workout, add intensity, keep your heart rate up and its fun!

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Aug 072012

5 Minute Mini Cardio Circuit: Use a Step

“Mini Circuits” are one of my favorite ways to burns lots of calories quickly! My Mini Circuits are about 5 minutes long and depending on how hard you work – you can burn approximately 50 to 80 calories in just those 5 minutes. They are a great alternative when you don’t have time for a full workout, simply find a couple of minutes 3 to 5 times during your day and complete the mini circuit! Increase the intensity of your next strength training workout by completing this circuit at the beginning and the end of your workout – you’ll be amazed at the added intensity and calorie burn! Do the following exercises in order and with little or no break in between, for more information Click on each exercises for a video demonstration and correct exercise form and technique!

Squat Jumps on a Step

Step Ups

Plank & Hold w/ feet on the step

Jump Up – Step Down

Scissor Step Jumps

Twisted Crunch

Squat Press & Leg Lift

Rope Climbers

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May 232012

In an hour show there is approximately 12 minutes of commercial time.  In a 2 hour program there is almost a half an hour.  Instead of grabbing a snack, do this and you’ll add an extra 15 minutes or even a half hour of cardio to your day!

Since commercials are usually 15 seconds or 30 seconds in duration – switch exercises every time the commercial changes!  Rotate through the following exercises during commercial breaks!


Jumping Jacks
Standard Crunches
Jumping Jacks
Push ups (make them easier by placing your hands on the sofa or a chair)
Jumping Jacks
Standard Crunches
Jumping Jacks

To make it a little less intense, instead of Jumping Jacks; march in place or if you have a step or stair case close by do Step Ups!  Remember to always listen to you body and take a rest when ever you need it!

Be Fit! Be Healthy! Be Happy!   ~ Tanya