Jun 252012

weight watcherExercising and diet go hand and hand when you want to lose weight.  A simple rule of thumb is if you can reduce your daily calorie intake by just 500 calories a day through diet and exercise you will lose 1 pound a week.  It’s that simple!  Eliminate 1000 calories a day and you will lose 2 pounds per week.  Think about it – that comes out to 8 pounds a month which is GREAT and safe and sustainable.  When it comes to exercising the more you know the better the results.  First, always check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.  Keep in mind the more you can increase your physical activity throughout your day the more calories you’ll burn.  Always begin every exercise session with an easy warm up with activities such as; walking or easy jogging for at least 8 to 10 minutes. This will slowly increase your heart rate, warm up your muscles and get the blood flowing to prepare your body for more strenuous exercise.  Finally, end each workout with an easy cool down and stretch routine.  Brand new to exercise, check out GetinShapeforFREE.net – it is a complete 6 week exercise program – to get you started!

Be Fit!  Be Healthy!  Be Happy!

It’s Easy to Lose those Extra Pounds