Jun 142015

A Summertime Smoothie – Perfect for the kids, great for breakfast or a tasty afternoon snack!


18 oz Single Serving Size
Makes approximately 2 servings
170 calories per summertime smoothie serving

2 cups of seedless watermelon
1 cup of sliced cantaloupe
1/2 cup strawberries (fresh or frozen)
1 orange pealed and cut into pieces
1/2 cup low fat vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup crushed ice

Place your ingredients in the blender and blend well for 1 to 2 minutes. For added nutritional benefit and to make this summertime smoothie the perfect post workout snack add a 1 tbsp of ground flax seeds or protein powder.

Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!

Jun 092013

yogurtby: Dr. Lauren Schofield, Advanced Chiropractic

Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt…Which is more Healthful? First to be clear: Both Greek and Regular yogurts, in their plain, non-fat or low-fat forms, can be part of a healthful diet. They are packed with calcium and live bacterium cultures. But our Mediterranean friend has elbowed its way onto refrigerated shelves everywhere. Why so popular?

The Greek yogurt is creamier, has less sugar and tangier, which makes it more desirable Greek yogurt is strained extensively, removing the whey, lactose and sugar. You know the verse: Little Ms. Muffet, sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey…like most, I had no idea what whey was! Well, it is the watery byproduct of dairy manufacturing. It is used by farmers as livestock feed and fertilizer and also is an ingredient in dietary supplements. When removed, the yogurt becomes thicker, therefore a creamier product. It takes three times more milk to make a cup of Greek yogurt. This makes Greek yogurt have a higher protein content. A typical 6 ounce serving contains 15-20 grams of protein! That is triple the amount of Regular yogurt. The only downside to Greek is the fat content. If you have high cholesterol and you want to go “Greek”, stick to the fat-free versions.

The company Fage, with their successful marketing, was the first to infiltrate our western world with Greek yogurt. Now a $4.1 BILLION yogurt industry, Fage is still my favorite. There are now so many companies making Greek yogurt that it can be an overwhelming choice at your local market. Please take the time to read the ingredients so that you choose the appropriate yogurt for you. Many of the companies have added sugars, like the popular Chobani. Choose wisely.

So what do these companies do with the leftover whey? Known in the industry as “acid whey,” it should not be just dumped into the rivers. Although not necessarily poisonous, they acidity provides a risk to the fish and plant wildlife. My favorite Fage, feeds their whey to the city’s waste water treatment plant, where anaerobic microorganisms convert the wastes to renewable gas that can be used as an energy source. Pretty cool, huh?

So Regular or Greek yogurt? I have jumped on the bandwagon…Opa!

Thanks for a great article Dr. Lauren! Be sure to check out Dr. Lauren Schofield’s website at Advanced-chiro.net

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Jul 052012

I love fresh fruit especially in the summer!  We are always encouraged to eat a variety of colors – red & blue – Strawberries &  Blueberries are perfect; plus they make what I like to call ‘patriotic treats’ for the 4th of July.  They are delicious all by themselves, try serving them with a spoonful of cool whip or yogurt or on top your favorite cake, pie or frozen treat, you can whip them up in a smoothie, make a berry parfait, or they even go great in a salad!  They taste great and they are good for you too!

Here’s how they stack up based on a one cup serving size:
  50 calories, 1g of protein, .5g of fat, 11 carbs and 4g of fiber
85 calories, 1g of protein, .5g of fat, 21 carbs and 4g of fiber

Keep Fresh Tips:
Keep in the frig until you’re are ready to use
Don’t wash until you’re ready to eat it
Wash under cool water
For best flavor serve at room temperature

Happy 4th and enjoy your strawberries and blueberries!

Be Fit! Be Healthy! Be Happy!   ~ Tanya